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Catfish Spinning Reel

The kastking spinning Reel is a valuable solution for an individual searching to enjoy fishing with Catfish and other waterfowl, this Reel is equipped with two spinning motor and an impressive 20 amp power to produce a smooth, mono-coil fish. With its shiny black finish and tired-lookingt-bar gear, the kastking is an all-day-at-the-fishing alternative for an admirer searching for a reliable, affordable reel.



By Abu Garcia


Saltwater Ready

Spinning Reel For Catfish

This large spinning Reel is exceptional for Catfish fishing in the ocean or saltwater, it comes with an 12 bb arm for high power spinning reels. This Reel as well reversible so you can have different options for with your catfish, this spinning Reel is top-of-the-heap for Catfish fishing. It gives an 3000 and an 11 bb gear range, it is conjointly compatible with yoshikawa's twin drag outfitters. This Reel is valuable for rapid angling or spinners, the catfishing spinning Reel is a splendid Reel for saltwater fishing. It is heavy-duty and gives an 11000 rpm speed, it renders an 91 bb aluminum spool and is super big. It can handle a lot of salt water, the yoshikawa baitfeeder spinning Reel is prime for saltwater catfish. It is a spinning Reel that loves catfish, and will make sure you get Catfish fish 5500 11 bb, this Reel is superb for lovers who desire to Catfish musky Reel Catfish spinners saltwater and non-toxic.