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Garcia Mitchell 406 Spinning Reel

This 428 spinning reel is made in france and is a great opportunity to buy a used reel that is in good condition. This reel is includes all minor flaws and is only $200. This reel is a great deal for those looking for a spinning reel that is former french made and only includes minor flaws? Look no further!

Garcia Mitchell 406 Spinning Reel Target

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Cheap Garcia Mitchell 406 Spinning Reel

The garcia mitchell 406 black freshwater spinning reel is a great choice for those looking for a vintage spinning reel. It is easy to operate and has a great overall performance. the garcia mitchell 406 spinning reel is a great choice for someone looking to buy a spinning reel. This reel is made with a lot of quality in it and is sure to provide years of use and use in the industry. this well-crafted 404 spinning reel has mitchell's name on the side and the word "406" on the top. It is casesized 404 reel with a diameter of 12. Long, 10. Wide and 5. It is also with the mitchell name. The reel is in the casesized condition with a little use from use. The paint is original and the reel has a little wear from use. This reel from mitchell is a good one that is worth a look. With abasementvintage look and feel, the reel is sure to please anyone looking for a top-of-the-line pete spinning experience.