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Rear Drag Spinning Reels

This reel is designed for reels with a front and rear spincast. It has a kinematic front drag carpet and a spincast with a rear drag carpet. This reel also has a left and right spincast reel options.

Shimano Rear Drag Spinning Reels

If you're looking to add a little more power to your drag spinning reels, the shimano rear drag spinning reel is perfect for you. This reel is made with a lightweight design in mind, so you can focus on your fish while spinning. Additionally, the shimano reel is easy to move around, making it perfect for novice spinning reels.

Rear Drag Spinning Reel

This reel is perfect for spinning reels! It has two front drag spinning wheels and a durable black anodized aluminum construction. The reel is also options with a spindle or chopper spindle. The spindle option is perfect for larger spinning reels that need to have more drive power. The reel also includes a hard case for your reel. the shimano ix r4000 rear drag spinning reel is a great choice for those looking for a rear drag spinning reel. It has a quick fire trigger cast handle and is equipped with a shimano shifters and speeds of 4/5. It has a standard 170 lbs weight and a grand prix rating of 4. the spinning reel is a great way to get your machine moving! It has a rear drag spinner that spins the material behind the spindle. This makes moving heavy materials or processes quickly and easily. The spinning reel is also great for spinning video drums or other particles on the fly. the new shimano ix r2000 spinning reel 2000 r quick fire trigger cast rear drag is designed to perfect the action of the reels you know and love. With its innovative design, this reel is right at home in the do-it-all reel world. With an advanced spinulum and reelium, this reel is made to take your reels to the next level. With its powerful d/b motor and its ability to reach up to 4a usage, the ix r2000 is the perfect reel for the those looking for a powerful and versatile reel.