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Spinning Reel For Medium Heavy Rod

This Medium Heavy Rod is first-class For spinning big line on a12-30 lb test, For precision, the spinner is designed to spin at 12-30 lb pc.

Spinning Reel For Medium-heavy Rod

The offshore boat Rod is a valuable tool For spinning reels For medium-heavy codfish and tuna, it is heavy-duty and top-notch For spinning reels For deep sea codfish. The offshore boat Rod is additionally a sterling substitute For spinning reels For skipjack tuna, this Rod is best-in-the-class For deep sea fishing because of its heavy-duty design and ability to spin reels large and small. This Rod is produced with heavy-duty in mind, the offshore Rod is designed with a spinning revolution in mind, making it effortless to keep on the go. This spinning Reel is sensational For Medium Heavy rods, it spins easily and offers a strong action, making it beneficial For spinning reels. This Reel also gives a calypso mako design, which gives it an unique and stylish look, it's effortless to operate and presents an 7-position coding For each size of Medium Heavy line. It is fabricated with carrot stix and is designed to spin quickly and faithfully after the line, the spool effortless to read with its yellow die-cast spool housing and effortless to understand numerical timer. The Reel is moreover basic to operate with its easy-to-use spool and spindle.